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10th Swiss energy day at Eawag

To mark the 10th Swiss energy day (, the environmental team of Eawag asks for your participation.

The way we produce and consume energy has led to massive environmental problems, which are likely to get worse drastically if we do not shift to a sustainable energy system in the very near future. 

On the political, technological and societal level there are signs that a transition towards a more sustainable energy system is about to start. But there are also strong forces working against it. If we want this transition to happen, every one of us is asked to contribute. Therefore, please think of (existing or new) campaigns, actions, etc. that could contribute to accelerate this transition. Every contribution is welcome, from the small-scale change of individual behaviour to large-scale campaigns.


Starting on November 9, you get the opportunity to hang a poster in the atrium of FC at Eawag Dübendorf and draw the attention of many of your colleagues to your favourite topic.

Following posters were sumbitted (pleas scroll down, to see both):

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