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Low Carbon Event in Hong Kong

Sustaina Asia
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You are cordially invited to join us on

Wednesday November 28TH 2012
4:00pm – 6:00pm


“How engaged investors and employees can
lead the way towards a ‘low carbon’ future”

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About the event   Venue & Access
Against a backdrop of global climate change, this event
provides a platform for awareness-raising and dialogue
on practicable low-carbon actions that are being
encouraged, demanded and implemented by investors, corporations and citizens.
  Paul Calello Auditorium: Level 88, International Commerce Centre (ICC), Kowloon.
Access to ICC via Level 9 Credit Suisse Reception.
Kindly arrive by 3:50pm to allow for security clearance (pre-registration required).
4:00pm Start Registration  
4:15 - 4:20pm Opening Remarks by Credit Suisse  
4:20 - 4:45pm Introducing the “Credit Suisse Cares for Climate” initiative, including climate change in the context of stakeholder relations and real estate investment opportunities Ben Ridley
4:45 - 5:10pm Presentation of CO2-monitor online platform:
• Quick introduction & history
• What is CO2-monitor?
• Live demonstration from the perspective of the user
• Benefits for the company
Sascha Nick
5:10 – 5:40pm Panel discussion on “how engaged investors and employees lead the way to building a low carbon future”
• Christophe Bongars, SustainAsia
• Ben Ridley, Credit Suisse
• Sascha Nick, CO2-monitor
• Alexandra Tracy, Asia Investor Group on Climate Change
Christophe Bongars
5:40 – 5:55pm Q&A session  
5:55 – 6:00pm Closing Remarks  
About the speakers and experts panel
Ben Ridley, Credit Suisse – Asia Pacific Head, Sustainability Affairs
Ben Ridley, Credit Suisse – Asia Pacific Head, Sustainability Affairs
Ben has primary responsibility for the identification and management of environmental and social risks in business at Credit Suisse in the region, and is otherwise a primary enabler to embed sustainability into the bank's culture in the region through various workplace, supply chain, communications and staff participatory initiatives.  With a background in ecology and environmental management, Ben has 20 years of experience as a sustainability professional, including 15 years working as consultant on projects across Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific region and globally on behalf of clients in multiple sectors.
Sascha Nick, CO2-monitor – CEO
Sascha Nick, CO2-monitor – CEO
Sascha's entire career shows a passion for innovation: as a freshly graduated electronics engineer from Vienna and Tokyo, he joined the Siemens software research team in Munich, then back to school getting an MBA from INSEAD. At Schneider Electric, after successfully redesigning a business in Chicago, he was appointed VP of Strategy and Development in Paris, also starting the "1000 idées" incubator. As an entrepreneur, Sascha launched Senside (1999, industrial software) and Idtect SA (2002, predictive diagnostics software for machine builders), before moving with his family to Switzerland and starting CO2-monitor in 2008, to help companies engage their employees to become more sustainable.
Christophe Bongars, SustainAsia – CEO
Christophe Bongars, SustainAsia – CEO
Christophe Bongars has over 25 years of experience in the field of business development, clean technologies, large-scale industrial and infrastructure project development and management. Based in Asia since 1995, Mr. Bongars was Project Director for Air Liquide group until the end of 2001, developing and managing industrial projects. He then joined the Suez group, pioneering innovative business solutions in water & environmental services in Asia, prior to starting SustainAsia. SustainAsia is a specialist advisory firm operating in the Asia Pacific region since 2005. SustainAsia selects and assists investors as well as high potential technology and service companies in the environment and energy infrastructure, as well as clean technology, natural resources, eco-efficiency sectors, to accelerate their growth.
Alexandra Tracy, ASrIA – Chairperson
Alexandra Tracy, ASrIA – Chairman
Alexandra Boakes Tracy is President of Hoi Ping Ventures in Hong Kong, which provides research and consulting on investment and sustainability issues. Based in Asia for over twenty years, Alexandra is also chairman of the Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA), Asia’s regional membership organization for the sustainable and responsible investment industry.  As Director of the Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC), Alexandra has advised sovereign wealth funds, government and corporate pension funds, and family offices on the risks and opportunities that climate change poses for asset allocation and securities analysis. She has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and MA degrees from Yale University and Cambridge University.
Admission to this event is FREE and by invitation only. Places are limited and will be confirmed on a first come–first served basis. Please register now by filling-in the registration form below and return it to us by Fax at (852) 3010 1285 or by email at
Nov. 28th Low Carbon Event (Hong Kong) – Registration Form
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