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About CO2-monitor

Leadership Team Sustainability Coaching

To help C-level executives master the challenges of environmental and social sustainability, net zero, sufficiency, or participative and deliberative decision-making, CO2-monitor offers individual or small-team coaching, meeting regularly to evaluate current operational and strategic decisions from the sustainability perspective.

If interested, please contact our founder via Linkedin or our contact page.

Our vision: Sustainability from within

We believe that inspiring employees to live more sustainably is the key step for any organization to become truly sustainable. We make corporate sustainability goals relevant to the daily lives of employees, and inspire them to take action on climate, energy and biodiversity.

We see ourselves as catalysts of evolving corporate social responsibility. For leading organizations, CSR is now transitioning from reporting, energy and waste optimization to becoming a basis for a winning, long-term corporate strategy. CO2-monitor supports this transition and ensures that employees are engaged in the process. For a graphic representation, please check out our Guide to the Evolution of Sustainability in Organizations.


Awareness, Learning and Action - inspiring your employees to be more sustainable

There are three mutually reinforcing components to our services: communications, events and our online platform. We begin by working with sustainability departments, human resources and communications teams to determine the aspects of sustainability that are strategically important to the organization. We also determine the status of employee engagement around topics of sustainability and design our program accordingly. We are pioneers in combining multiple channels of employee engagement on sustainability:


We work with a wide variety of organizations, most of our partners are listed here.



Sascha NICK (LinkedIn) founded CO2-monitor AG in 2008 when he saw a need for greater employee engagement in corporate sustainability efforts. Sascha is a professor of sustainable business at the Business School Lausanne, a serial entrepreneur, and engineer by training.

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We have a flat fee pricing model with additional costs for complex customization, as well as volume discounts. To get started, please contact us at info (at) our URL or via the contact form


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