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About CO2-monitor

Schönes Leben

Companies and private individuals pull together to protect the climate

CO2-monitor is an innovative on-line platform that aims to make an effective contribution to climate protection. Whereas many companies have already reduced their CO2 emissions considerably, those of private households in Europe are rising unabated. That’s why CO2-monitor is addressed to private individuals who would like to monitor and reduce their personal CO2 emissions in an easy way. CO2-monitor provides facts, guidelines for action and tools that allow individuals to reduce their CO2 emissions in their everyday lives.

Innovative: employees of climate leaders protect the climate!

By becoming committed partners of CO2-monitor, environmentally aware organisations are launching an attractive offer to their employees, inviting them to take part in CO2-monitor by opening a personal CO2 account on After their individual CO2 profile (house type, heating, car) and emissions (heating and power bills, car-km, etc.) have been recorded, their CO2 account shows them in which sectors CO2 is produced and how they can reduce their emissions in practical ways. Their commitments are then measured against their individually defined CO2 reduction target. But CO2-monitor also provides information on CO2, the climate, and practical steps for climate protection in everyday life. The option to buy energy-efficient products on favourable terms encourages participants to make additional CO2 savings, and in-house team competitions tempt them with attractive prizes.

CO2-monitor AG continuously develops the contents and functions of in close cooperation with its partner organisations.

CO2-monitor AG was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Zürich.


If you want to register your organization as an administrator with CO2-monitor:

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