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Terms and conditions

Data protection regulations for CO2-monitor:

1. The personal data of all participants will be stored in a database and will be accessible only to CO2-monitor AG. The partner organisations have no access to this data.  

2. CO2-monitor AG is contractually obliged to treat all personal data confidentially, to protect them from access and not to pass them on to any third parties.   

3. CO2-monitor AG may use only aggregated data from all its partner organisations for its communications (e.g. total number of all participants, average emissions of all participants). Aggregated data from individual partner organisations may be published only with their express agreement.  

4. CO2-monitor AG compiles lists of persons (only names and e-mail addresses with no additional data) on the basis of the competition criteria in order to run the competitions and passes these on to its partner organisations. Examples of criteria: the first 50 applications, all persons whose emissions fall below 7000 kg CO2, all persons with savings of above 1500 kg CO2 compared with the previous year.   

5. The data are continuously protected by the best available technical solutions, which are constantly being improved.  

6. Each participant can, at any moment, request their CO2 account with all account data to be deleted, using the contact form.


June 2015

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